songbird banding

A friend's impending retirement from the U. S. Forest Service and relocation to south Texas had him fondly reminiscing about how he got into volunteering with a local songbird banding project and his favorite recollections. You can read his story here.

Pileated Woodpecker caught and banded at Occoquan NWR.

The Pileated Woodpecker shown above was trapped and banded at the Occoquan NWR Spring Migration Songbird Banding Station in Woodbridge, Virginia. This was a noteworthy event, since Pileated Woodpeckers have been very infrequently captured at Occoquan.

Examining an Indigo Bunting during banding process.

A bander checks the flight feathers of an Indigo Bunting for wear and molt characteristics.

This week's data.

Birds Netted on January 1, 2345
Bird Time Band ID Weight Net
RTHA 0815 567-123456 999 DG

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