slinging lead!

We're very lucky that both of us enjoy firearms and shooting, both casual plinking and match competitions. Our collection of firearms spans the gamut of old military service rifles to modern high-tech custom match rifles, and many examples in the continuum between.

Photograph of a couple of vintage M1 Garands acquired from the CMP.

Suzanne and I belong to two very fine shooting ranges with excellent facilities and conscientious shooting members. The first shooting range we ever belonged to was in association with the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. We have a very nice property in Centreville, Va., that includes a rifle-pistol range, shotgun range, various archery ranges, a stocked fishing pond, campgrounds, club house, etc. The other shooting club we belong to is the Fairfax Rod & Gun Club in Manassas, Va. This club has some of the premiere shot gunning facilities in the Mid-Atlantic. In addition, there are several rifle ranges of various lengths, pistol ranges and a first-class clubhouse and snack bar.

Photograph of Suzanne shooting her custom-made AR-15 match rifle.

In the picture above, Suzanne is shooting her AR-15 off the bench at a paper target 100 yards away. Her AR-15 is set up for NRA high power competition and she shoots in the Match Rifle class. Click here to see a short video of Suzanne shooting Jim's 357 magnum. For those with slow ISPs, the size of this video is about 3.5 MB.

Photograph of Tony shooting a Kimber .45 ACP that his Dad gave him.

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